About the Shop

Made in Hastings opened in the summer of 2004 and initially  the shop was stocked with only what the six of us had produced (at the time, Melanie Juckes was also a member of the team, but she left after a couple of years to focus on her career in teaching).

We knew how creative Hastings was as a town and it was always our intention to promote some of the many talented people in the area by acting as an agent for them through sales of their work. We rapidly sent out word that we were interested in seeing new, handmade products, and soon people started to come into the shop with interesting looking bags and packages. We began to have regular stock meetings once each month where we looked at everything that had been brought in to decide not only what could look great in the shop but also hopefully sell well.

We always enjoyed seeing what had been left for us to consider and we still feel thrilled when a wonderful new item is revealed for the first time in a stock meeting.

Some of our artists/makers have been with us for over seven years now whilst others have come and gone, but we continue to regularly look at the work that comes our way and are always on the look-out for potential items that could be a new and exciting edition to our shop.